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ArtScape Hendersonville

ArtScape Hendersonville is a community-building project adding interest and color to the downtown area, showcasing locally created art and helping make the city an exciting and unique art destination. The annually changing cornucopia of 40 banners waving on Main Street, Seventh Avenue, and the downtown side streets create a unique twist on an outdoor gallery experience.

Bearfootin' Art Walk Auction

     Back in 2003 the streets of American cities were being invaded by animals on parade - pigs and cows and horses painted by local artists. Jim Kastetter, executive director of Downtown Hendersonville, and his board decided to try the same thing with bears. “If this works,” suggested Kastetter, “in three years we’ll select another kind of critter.”
It indeed worked but the lifesize whimsically painted acrylic bears have become an institution in Hendersonville. No other animal need apply - although you still may run into an occasional Hendersonville lamb which snuck into town while the bears hibernated through 2009.
    The current crop of bruins appear on Main Street sidewalks (and now the 7th Avenue District) each spring after a much-anticipated reveal and linger until fall when the Bearfootin’ bears are auctioned off to new homes. Over the years the ursine fundraisers have brought over $220,000 into the coffers of local charities. You can still see bears from yesteryear in local businesses and private homes. Look for these bears by Open Studio Tour artists...